Let’s Be Colleagues

At Lo Chambers, we smirk at the concept of work-life balance. Everyone should live life to the fullest. Work is simply part of life that should not be excluded as a separate lifestyle. The office lifestyle ought to be a pleasant one where people enjoy doing what they do and not dread waking up on a Monday morning. We only want to work with people who are happy.

Our partners are committed to mentor young lawyers and support staff and are always conscious that applicants would look forward to a career growth and having a lifestyle satisfaction with us.

We are a growing legal firm looking for motivated, passionate and good-humoured (good looks are a plus) applicants to join us in a dynamic practice. We provide a challenging, professional and pleasant environment for growth and a good platform for learning. If you share the same values we share and would love to work with us, we are amenable to a conversation with you.