About Our Firm

Change the world by making a difference with one case at a timeAt Lo Chambers, we pride ourselves in having both diligence and integrity as the core values of our practice. As legal practitioners and honorary members of the Bar, we have the duty to uphold the truth and to ensure that our clients’ best interests are protected at all times.

Our vision at Lo Chambers is to provide practical and high quality legal services to our clients, locally and abroad, and to be pioneers in shaping the legal profession by challenging conventions and making a positive impact to our society. To achieve this, we take time in understanding our clients’ needs and priorities before advising and working with our clients to develop and strategise on solutions to resolve their legal issues. We also uphold the values of honesty, responsibility and promptness in offering legal solutions to our clients.

Why Lo Chambers? WHY NOT?


Our lawyers have a wealth of experience working through tough situations. Our passion to be the best drives us to go beyond the norm in providing solutions to our clients. We are always equipped with the right attitude and are relentless in pursuing our clients’ case. Our lawyers work extremely hard although they are highly competent in what they do because they love their job.

As a firm, we value the teamwork and open communication among our lawyers and support personnel. This collaborative process allows us to learn from one another and to resolve any legal challenges thrown at us. We believe that a good conversation enables us to leverage on each other’s strengths and overcome our weaknesses together as a team.

think ouside the box

Professional Charges

Our goal is to always ensure that the value of our services exceeds the cost to our clients. We are sensitive to our clients’ budgetary requirements and understand that we need to cater to a range of clients who may prefer pre-agreed fees, time-based charges or a combination of both. We are therefore flexible to work with you in devising a fee structure that caters to your needs.

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Confidentiality & Conflict of Interest

We take our clients’ trust in us very seriously and we will, in no circumstance other than ordered by a court of law, divulge confidential information and advice provided and shared with our clients. Before undertaking an instruction from a potential client, it is our firm’s policy to conduct a conflict of interest check and advise the client of the same.

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If a machine can replace what we do, then it should. This is why we believe that as lawyers we must add value to our clients’ business by being innovative and using technology to work for us. We invest in technology tools to improve our services and support to our clients. We have a secure and reliable IT network infrastructure that is protected by the latest security solutions. Our investment reflects our commitment to continuously raise the bar on the level of service that we offer to our clients.



Apart from being able to streamline our processes and increase efficiency, we work in an e-office environment to reduce our carbon footprint. We are contantly challenging ourselves to find ways to minimise our impact to the environment and are keen to adopt measures that would enable us to achieve this goal. We believe that by operating in a “greener” way, our clients also benefit in this in the long run. Call it our social responsibility.

We care for our environment in our mission to be great lawyers