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Why Lo Chambers? WHY NOT?

Lo Chambers lawyers have a wealth of experience working in tough situations. Our passion to be the best drives us to go beyond the norm. We are always equipped with the right attitude and relentless in proving to clients that we are not just good looking but worthy to be paid. We work extremely hard not forgoing the need to be smarter than the rest.

Why Lo Chambers? <strong>WHY NOT?</strong>

Small Firm, Big People

Our Gladiators

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Part of our social responsibility is to educate the public of their rights and the law. As such, we are committed to provide information, at our costs, every so often.
Letter From A Lawyer
27 Jan
Letter From A Lawyer
[su_spacer"]What happens when you received a letter from a lawyer? You should NEVER EVER ignore it. Ignorance can make...
Small Claims
25 Jan
Small Claims
'Small Claims' is heard in a Magistrate Court where both the plaintiff and defendant will NOT be represented by lawyers ...
Road Accidents, It Could Ruin Your Day
23 Jan
Road Accidents, It Could Ruin Your Day
As there are many who are curious to see accidents on the road (this can be seen where vehicles slow down just to catch ...

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